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Subject: FLASH: How can I control an array in Flash
From: Laritta S
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 23:16:56 GMT

I am a new user of Flash. I would really appreciate if
you could help me to fix the problem I have with
programming on Flash.
I try to create quiz of 10 questions. The user will
enter the answer in the text-field box and click on
"submit" button. The program should give the user
"correct" or "incorrect" feedback.
My question is how can I control my array of answers.
Can I use Eval function to check my variables?
Here is my program:
On (Release)
Set Variable: "Answer1" = "one"
Set Variable: "Answer2" = "two"
Set Variable: "Answer10" = "ten"
Set Variable: "count" = 1

Loop While (count<=10)
If Frame is Loaded (Question = count) *check if the
*user on
If(_level0:Answer = "Answer"& count)
*_level0:Answer is
* variable for text
* entry box
Go to and Stop ("Correct")
Go to and Stop ("Incorrect")
And If
End Frame Loaded
Set Variable: "count" = count+1
End Loop
End On

The problem here is that my variable "Answer"&count
doesn't reffer to the array of Answer1 - Answer10.

Thank you very much.

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