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Subject: Re: FLASH: draw from the center
From: Dorian Nisinson
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 00:46:13 GMT

You can constrain a circle or square to a perfect circle or square by
holding down the shift key while you drag the circle tool on the canvas.
You can't do this from the center, but you could select your object and
group it so it has a center point. Open the Object inspector and check
"Use Center Point" and then precisely define the x,y coordinates of the
center by typing in the exact numbers of x and y into the Object


unique wrote:
> At the exact moment of 2000., her/his local time, Clock86ataol [dot] com put
> forth:
> > Is is possible to draw either a circle or a square constrained from the
> center?
> Nope, need FreeHand or Illustrator, etc., for that.
> I believe that there are some decent shareware drawing programs out there that
> will let you do this, if you have a lot of this kind of drawing that you want to
> do, and don't wanna fork over the bucks. Just make sure they export in
> Illustrator (version 6.0 or lower), or test click-and-drag and copy-and-paste.
> If you want to center an object to a particular point, you can always draw cross
> hairs, select them first, then the object, then use the Align feature.
> HTH,
> Ken Sherwood

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  Re: FLASH: draw from the center, unique

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