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Subject: Re: FLASH: Would this effect file size?
From: Dorian Nisinson
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 01:06:52 GMT

The way I would do it would be to keep the size at 800 by 600 but first
open it in Photoshop and try different levels of posterize on it until I
found a setting that gave the best results for your purposes. The more
posterized the smaller the final art traced in Flash will be. I would
then save it as .bmp or .pict and import it into Flash at that large
size and trace it. Once the trace has been done ( try a couple of
different setting to see which is best) click the view as outlines
square in the layer menu that contains your trace. If you have more
outlines than space see about changing your settings. If even that gives
you a too complex result, I would try a smaller version of your original
bitmap as imported and see if it has a smaller byte cost than the traced
Also, sometimes I have had good results editing the tracing by hand and
combining some of the unnecessary chunks that Flash can create. It is a
trial and error process and a bit time consuming.


Dustin Krysak wrote:
> Hi... quick question about file sizes whith bmp and vectors...
> Say I have a bmp that is say 800 pixels by 600 pixels...
> would it make a difference to say shrink the bmp down to say 100 X 200... trace it (in flash) and then bring it back up to 800 X 600? AS opposed to doing the direct trace over in flash at the full res of 800 X 600?
> If I was in front of my pc that has flash, I would try it....

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  FLASH: Would this effect file size?, Dustin Krysak

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