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Subject: Re: FLASH: Would this effect file size?
From: Phil Ward
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 01:35:56 GMT

Hi Dustin,

Don't forget that you can optimize the traced image to loose some size.

Generally though, if you trace a small image and enlarge the traced image to
larger size it will effectively enlarge the pixels you first traced.


Phil Ward
Crescent Graphics

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From: Dustin Krysak <krysakdatBeamscope [dot] com>
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Sent: Friday, January 28, 2000 12:59 AM
Subject: RE: FLASH: Would this effect file size?

> Thanks so much, for the very effective reply... I have been experimenting
> with the tracing, and this is the first that actually explains some things
> to me.
> -Dustin Krysak-
> Network Support
> Beamscope, Vancouver
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> Nisinson
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> Subject: Re: FLASH: Would this effect file size?
> Dustin,
> The way I would do it would be to keep the size at 800 by 600 but
> first
> open it in Photoshop and try different levels of posterize on it until I
> found a setting that gave the best results for your purposes. The more
> posterized the smaller the final art traced in Flash will be. I would
> then save it as .bmp or .pict and import it into Flash at that large
> size and trace it. Once the trace has been done ( try a couple of
> different setting to see which is best) click the view as outlines
> square in the layer menu that contains your trace. If you have more
> outlines than space see about changing your settings. If even that gives
> you a too complex result, I would try a smaller version of your original
> bitmap as imported and see if it has a smaller byte cost than the traced
> image.
> Also, sometimes I have had good results editing the tracing by hand
> and
> combining some of the unnecessary chunks that Flash can create. It is a
> trial and error process and a bit time consuming.
> Dorian
> Dustin Krysak wrote:
> >
> > Hi... quick question about file sizes whith bmp and vectors...
> > Say I have a bmp that is say 800 pixels by 600 pixels...
> >
> > would it make a difference to say shrink the bmp down to say 100 X
> trace it (in flash) and then bring it back up to 800 X 600? AS opposed to
> doing the direct trace over in flash at the full res of 800 X 600?
> >
> > If I was in front of my pc that has flash, I would try it....

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  RE: FLASH: Would this effect file size?, Dustin Krysak

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