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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash/Director Integration
From: Mark Zukiwsky
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 06:45:19 GMT

I think what Tom means is the presentation of the tutorial, not the
actionScript language.

Director-Online has very good tutorials, specifically, they frame the
problem, analyze the problem, then put forward a solution -- all
before they've even written one line of code. I think this is exactly
what Tom, or anyone else trying to learn scripting, is looking for in
actionScript tutorials. Unfortunately, most Flash tutorials dive into
the actionScripts too soon. We may what problem we're trying to
solve, but we don't know exactly how we're solving it.

I just picked up Flash 4 Magic, to which you contributed, and it's
guilty of the same thing. A little more analysis and insight into how
we're actually solving the problem would have been nice. Some of the
examples are so step-by-step, and without any explanation, that it's
kinda' like paint-by-numbers.

Maybe using Director-Online for my frame of reference just makes
everything else seem inadequate.

Don't even get me started on the Flash 4 manual...

Mark Zukiwsky
Edmonton, Canada

Branden wrote:

>A very big reason that you don't have this kind of thing in Flash is
>because of the language barrier...

Tom wrote:

>>There is a site, Director-Online, which is an amazing resource for
>>Director-related issues. They have a section called- Multimedia
>>Handyman- which lays out tutorials for some of the whizzier stuff you
>>can do in Director. A couple of months back they ran an excellent
>>"How-To" regarding creating buttons in Flash that kick off events in
>>Director/Shockwave. Have noticed a few posts around this on the list.
>>Here's the direct link to the article:
>> http://www.director-online.com/accessArticle2.cfm?id=468
>>Now if we could only get ActionScript tutorials that are as well

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