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Subject: Re: FLASH: <OT> Fixing Volumes in QuickTime
From: Karin Merx & Harry Druijf
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 10:18:08 GMT

On 27 Jan 00, at 16:37, Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Fro wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how one goes about altering audio volumes in
> QuickTime movies? We're racing against a deadline and have a QT video
> in which one of the two voices is too soft. I want to extract the
> audio, compress the dynamics (make softer and louder voices closer in
> volume) and recompile. I've never worked in QT. If I can extract the
> audio, I know how to do the audio part.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Marc
> Marc Hoffman


I use sounedit to extract soundtracks from quictime movies. Works
very good.
Do not really know of some other program but maby something like
quicktime pro can help you.


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  FLASH: <OT> Fixing Volumes in QuickTime, Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart

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