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Subject: FLASH: Re: "Flasher Best of Web Design Awards" - Mark Abouzeid
From: Mark Abouzeid
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 13:23:03 GMT

In re: From: "Clodagh O'Donovan" <clodaghatfever [dot] ie>
> Subject: FLASH: Re: "Flasher Best of Web Design Awards" - Mark Abouzeid
> This is a great idea Mark - how exactly would it work?

It could be quite simple, actually. We need to set up a home for it, with
general guidelines, submission forms and timing of the submission deadlines. I
can take care of this and have enough server space to allocate for the final
"Winners Gallery" as well.

Once the site is up, anyone from the list can nominate a site in a range of
given categories. For example:


Once the submission deadline had been passed, a panel of judge's could narrow
down the list to, say 5 nominees per category. We would develop an online
voting platform where members of the list could view the nominees and vote for
their favorites.

At the end, we would announce the results complete with appropriate amount of
applause et al. The important thing would be that this is a mark of
distinction from one's peers...some of the best flashers in the world.

The final work would be included in a permanent online gallery for all of us to
use to show clients and or to inspire us.

We would need the support of a panel of judges (who would need to view each
site during a given period of time, say a month or two) and members of the list
would need to vote.

best regards,

Mark Abouzeid, President
Collective Wisdom Inc.
abouzeidatcollective-wisdom [dot] com

"collective...making the complex clear"

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