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Subject: Optimization (was RE: FLASH: Anybody up for some fun?)
From: Rebecca Lovelace
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:02:46 GMT

I've seen this too and I thought it was pretty neat.

One thing I've wondered about it was how they optimized it to make it run so
well. Optimization is one of the things I've really wondered about,
especially when generating graphics outside of Flash. Obviously, they are
using a limited number of colours here, so that helps. Any other ideas?


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Subject: FLASH: Anybody up for some fun?

Just spent a while noodling around this Flash game. which was mentioned
over on the Director list. The visuals are quite good and it shows
Flash can be used as a rudimentary gaming app.

Check it out:


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  Re: Optimization (was RE: FLASH: Anybody, Dorian Nisinson

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