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Subject: FLASH: Re: "Flasher Best of Web Design Awards" - Mark Abouzeid
From: Mark Abouzeid
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:05:47 GMT

Re: Mary's comments. This is a good application, you should have fun using it!

I could not agree more that self-made self declared awards are tacky and
useless. I also agree that we have a fun product here.

On the other hand, I work with and am a judge for awards run offered by the
Software Publishers Association, The ICE council, The Institute of Noetic
Sciences, Internet Marketing Association and a bunch of other organizations.
This is all to say I understand the value of professional organization in
drawing attention to new technologies and concepts.

It's great that the members of this list like Flash. It's even better that
Macromedia is pushing hard, even getting Universal to showcase some work. It
is also true that the bulk of the clients we walk into, think flash is a cute
toy which has a heavy footprint and can never be integrated into good design.

To me it doesn't make a big difference. We do the information architecture for
a couple Internet 500 sites and Europe's cream of the crop. I like Flash as a
personal passion and am very much a neophyte. Having watched this list and
followed every link provided, I have seen what some truly good designers can do
with it. I wouldn't mind if my clients new this as well. It would help us
move them forward technologically and give those designers a new project.

best regards,

Mark Abouzeid, President
Collective Wisdom Inc.
abouzeidatcollective-wisdom [dot] com

"collective...making the complex clear"

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