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Subject: Re: FLASH: 10 Tell Targets on one mouseclick
From: Antoine Valot
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 17:15:57 GMT

Your code is flawed anyway:

> On (Release)
> Set Variable: "i" = 10
> Set Variable: "c" = 0
> Loop While (i>0)
> Begin Tell Target ("/namen_(c+1)")
> Go to and Stop ("_level0/:australien_(c+1)")
> End Tell Target
> Set Variable: "i" = 10-1

This sets i to ALWAYS be 9. It never becomes 8, or 7, or 0 for that

Replace with: Set Variable: "i" = i-1

> End Loop

WAIT! "c" never gets incremented. It was 0, it still is 0.

Replace with: Set Variable: c = c+1
End Loop

> End On

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  FLASH: 10 Tell Targets on one mouseclick, Tewes

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