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Subject: FLASH: Dynamic Variable issue
From: Wang, Andy
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 19:57:09 GMT

I'm currently consturcting a multipage audio synced tutorial of sorts. I
have made this logic to be used as a template for making more of these
movies. Its setup to hope to the next page at a _currentframe variable if
they've been there. A lot of the variable is setup so that the user cant do
anything until the end of each movie is loaded. This all work fine at this

My biggest issue is that I would like to name a variable name to be dynamic.
I've beeen setting it up so far. Below is my action script in the first
frame. I can setup the if/then statment w/ the right dynmaic variable name,
[ If ("_level0:POS"&page gt "0") ], but i can not set it up correctly for
the goto variable. For the sake of this email I'll call "_level0:POS"&page
as POSx. POSx is set by the pageup button from the next movie. It'll store
the current frame onto _level0:POSx, movies are loaded in layer 3. So when
they come back to this movie again, I want the user to go to the frame
number stored in _level0:POSx. Now here's my question, (thx for staying w/
me all this time... ) is there a way for me to set the GOTO tag to be
dynamic like my If/THEN statements? I've tried:

Go to and Stop ("_level0:POS"&page)

But didnt seem to work. Did I just did something wrong? or I can not set it
up like that?
Anyone have any links, suggestions, FAQ sheet, or ideas?

Thanks in advance.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Action Script

Set Variable: "page" = "<Current Page>"
Set Variable: "name" = "<Current Page Name w/o -#>"
If (_level0:done lt page)
Set Variable: "_level0:done" = page-1
End If
If (_level0:done ge page)
Set Property ("mask", Visibility) = "0"
End If
If (_level0:restart eq "1")
If (_level0:start ge page)
If ("_level0:POS"&page gt "0") <-- Here
Go to and Stop (_level0:POSx) <-- Here i
can't set it up right...
Begin Tell Target ("/playpause")
Go to and Stop (2)
End Tell Target
If (_level0:done ge page)
Set Property ("mask", Visibility) = "0"
End If
Go to and Stop ("PageEnd")
End If
End If
End If
If (_level0:start lt page)
Set Variable: "_level0:start" = page
End If
Set Variable: "_level0:restart" = "0"

Andy Wang
Omnikron Systems
Calabasas, CA

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