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Subject: RE: ASP vs PHP - was...Re: FLASH: Site Check - BopShop
From: Daniel
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 10:28:49 GMT


you seem like an asp person by your experience with SQL and VB . . .
cross browser is really not THE issue . . as asp is server side
and you can write it with vb script or javascript
your search for servers that serve up asp wont by a long one. theres
asp is always growing and changing as with any language it seems . . .
but no qualms about it, it has a pretty large company behind it to support
for all the things people have to say about the big beast MS
we decided to go the MS route because . . .
we decided to not let ego related feelings get in the way of "good judgment"
we felt, and some may disagree, asp was a better judgment
since asp wont be going anywhere
it is supported by a company not going anywhere
(a company who built the platform it runs on)
and therefore it has many reasons why it can out perform other options in
the future
perhaps even more so if bill has truly taken over the software devolpment at
MS again
there is plenty of documentation and helps for it
- but i know alot of programmers who "hate" asp.
my sister being one =) . . bless her soul
and i tend to get the feeling it has more to do with
the same reason people dont like the back street boys or the spice girls.
who knows?? all that to say, you seem that you would pick up asp the
in light of your background. my .02


>ASP or PHP....PHP or ASP...

Sitting here, poised to begin learning, and just can't seem to make the
decision. I was going to learn ASP because the only way I can practice is
by "uploading" to my own Personal Web Server....Now I find a site that walks
me through installation of PHP to PWS.

So...pros & cons? I'm familiar with SQL, having been heavily involved with
programming a very large R:Base application (DOS-based) for many years. Am
somewhat familiar with Visual Basic. The syntax of either PHP or ASP looks
fairly easy to pick up. What other things should I keep in mind?
Cross-browser portability? %'s of Web Hosts supporting them? Type of
server needed? # of support groups? Something else technical that I don't
know about yet?

I'm not knowing. Any comments appreciated!

~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~

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