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Subject: Re: FLASH: Reality check re *Flash 4 Magic* file?
From: unique
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 15:48:43 GMT

At the exact moment of 2000., her/his local time, Laura Mollett
<lmollettatmindspring [dot] com> put forth:

>> Okay, that much I've reported before. Here's the kicker: I *cannot*
>> reopen > >the saved file "preloadproject.fla" with only that 120 meg
>> allocated to Flash! I only have to add minimal megs, but still, this
>> makes no sense to me at all. Maybe I think too much.
> Did you restart flash before you tried to open the file? Sometimes I even
> have to reboot my computer, but then I'm on this ppc, that doesn't have
> enough of anything to do what I'm trying to make the poor thing do. I'm
> getting a G4 soon, really :)

Make sure you get one of the newer ones ... find out exactly what that means
(someone who "should" know told me that they've totally revamped the G4 chip
-- IBM is making it now, not Motorola any more).

>> I'd also like to reiterate my other main question in this thread: On the
>> Macintosh platform, is it true that in order to open a fla of size X meg,
>> one must allocate something between 16X and 28X meg of RAM to Flash? I
>> really need to know these stats in order to support submitting an order
>> for sufficient RAM for my system at work.
> Flash 4.0a has a suggested size of 14k (flash 4 suggested 10.5 - is that
> really better memorry management, to suggest it needs more memory? ;)

If it gives me a stabler Flash, I'll take it!

> I didn't really realize I was getting a whole new program when I got the
> update either, but I did.) I have the size for 4.0a set to 40k (I had 4
> set to 32k) to get rid of the "Flash is low on memory, some frames may be
> drawn as gray" messages. I seem to be getting these more often with the
> update, but I haven't had any more crashes and refusals to reopen the file
> as of yet either :) Admittedly I sometimes have huge movies (1.7 meg)
> because I've imported bitmaps that are traced later, or things that I
> don't end up using etc. (or a little sound :p) but even so, I'd ask for as
> much as I could get away with getting :)

It would still help me to know if the 16-28 : 1 ratio holds true. How much
memory do others need to have allocated to open a real big one? Real stats would
really help me here (Mac only).

Regarding the *Flash 4 Magic" Monster Movie file for project number one: look
what I found.



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