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Subject: Re: FLASH: Needed: good tutorial site on Flash and html integration...
From: unique
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 16:23:52 GMT

At the exact moment of 2000., her/his local time, SY Lim
<limsyathitech [dot] com [dot] my> put forth:

> I'm new to Flash but will be needing to do some integration
> of flash + html web pages soon.
> [good thing is ... the flash part will be covered by our
> graphics department... but being a web programmer... I
> am worried about the integration part.]
> I would appreciate it if you guys can give me info on
> how this integration work. Are there any good tutorial
> website on this issue?
> Eg. If i had a normal login page... [using html FORM] but
> they want a HUGE flash on that page as well....
> How does that affect my web page coding?

You can place a Flash movie within a table.

> Eg2. If i were to load a HUGE web page... they want to show a
> flash [please wait thingie] file while the page is being
> downloaded. Is this possible? and if it is... how do I
> do it?

This is "preloading", not HTML. Just so you know what to hunt for (see below).

> Any info/help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance! :)

Hi LSY, and Welcome!

Here's a good standard procedure for starting to hunt up learning materials *for
lotsa different concerns*, not just HTML:

(1) Check the index of the Flash manual and any other Flash books you may have

E.g., Flash manual:

publish settings 230
tag reference 251
templates 247

Doing this first is good because it often gets you thinking and asking
questions, due to info that's commonly too brief. :-)

(2) Go to http://www.macromedia.com/support/search/ (their technotes-search
page), enter your keyword(s), select Flash product support center, don't check
General, and search. I found 11 technotes regarding HTML. Depending upon what
you're searching for, you may also want search with their "generic" (site-wide)
search engine http://www.macromedia.com/help/ for "Flash and HTML" -- 100's of

(3) http://www.flashcentral.com/tech/index.htm is a great list of resources for
various topics ... you'll find HTML there.

(4) http://www.FlashCentral.com/Tech/Resources/Flash.htm is a great list of
sites offering tutorials, etc.

Happy exploring!

Ken Sherwood

*zenkat: the Flash trailer*


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  FLASH: Needed: good tutorial site on Fla, SY Lim

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