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Subject: Re: FLASH: flash 5 wish
From: unique
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 22:03:00 GMT

At the exact moment of 2000., her/his local time, Brian Tully
<btullyatgstockco [dot] com> put forth:

> any plans for Flash 5 to incorporate Guides? I can't tell you how many
> times I've clicked and dragged from the ruler only to be reminded that Flash
> doesn't work like Fireworks (or most other image editing apps).

I agree that it seems ridiculous that this feature has not been implemented in
Flash by now.

My personal workaround: Think Grid, and use the Object Inspector to specify
where the guidelines would be if you could drag them! Also, you can often use
Align to meet your needs, if you learn how to use it properly, and think ahead.
E.g., if you'd like a guide line to position several objects with their tops at
y=100 (should be y=-100, as it is in FreeHand, but that's a whole 'nother
story), just create an object with its top at 100, select *it* first, then all
the others, then use Align to align all objects' tops with the top of the first
object selected.

Most of the time, the grid gives me all of the "guidelines" I need -- I've
learned to adapt to this way of thinking about my layouts.


Ken Sherwood

*zenkat: the Flash trailer*


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  Re: FLASH: flash 5 wish, Brian Tully

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