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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash vs. HTML for forms?
From: Bill Herz
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 09:48:50 GMT

Hello unique,

Forms in Flash are just some textboxes with certain names, in other
words, they can be called textfields. You may easily build a submit
button and send variables using GET or PUT to send infomations
filled in forms to a script. If you are not familiar with scripting with
Perl. I recommend a good language to you, PHP. Why ? Because
in Php, parsing a form requires only a one-line-program!

For further information, you may obtain a Postman program from
www.flashlite.net which involves Flash and Php.

Bill Herz

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Subject: FLASH: Flash vs. HTML for forms?

> I happened upon this excerpt from a post on the
> macromedia.dreamweaver.coursebuilder newsgroup:
> ----------
> From: andersen.cc <mailatandersen [dot] cc>
> Newsgroups: macromedia.dreamweaver.coursebuilder
> Subject: Re: Authorware or Coursebuilder+Dreamweaver?
> Date: Wed, 2000.Jan.12.03.17
> .... and Flash 4 for vector-based animations
> and interactions when cross-platform and print-based fidelity are
> important (which is to say forms and the like otherwise do not
> reproduce on the client consistently between platforms and versions,
> not at all, and Flash 4 is a *godsend* when that matters). ...
> --
> richard andersen
> calgary canada
> ----------
> Just because this is a new idea to me, I'd like to hear comments on this
> statement. I don't know enough about doing forms in Flash (nor the deeper CGI
> stuff about forms in HTML, for that matter) to be able to evaluate Richard's
> assertion above.
> TIA,
> Ken Sherwood
> *zenkat: the Flash trailer*
> http://www.kensherwood.com/zenkat.htm
> kensherwood.com
> http://www.kensherwood.com

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