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Subject: Re: FLASH: Shockwave VS Flash??
From: Bryan Rieger
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 15:20:26 GMT


I believe that Macromedia is now bundling the download of the
Shockwave and Flash players in one download. Before (Shockwave 7) you
used to have to download Shockwave for Director, Shockwave for
Authorware (which is still a separate download) and the Flash players
all separately.

Shockwave is the player for Director files through a browser, the
Flash player is included as part of the download - but is not the
same thing. It only handles swf files - which as I was informed by
someone at Macromedia stood for "Small Web File"...

Maybe Macromedia should look at merging the two technologies to avoid
any further confusion - especially now that the Flash file format is
so tightly integrated with Director and Shockwave?

>But isn't a Flash swf file, technically, a type of Shockwave file,
>using Shockwave
>technology? (Doesn't "swf" stand for "Shockwave for Flash" or
>"Shockwave Flash"?)
>And, by common practice, we've just come to call Director output for the web
>"Shockwave" and Flash output for the web "Flash," but both use their
>variant of
>the Shockwave technology?
>You can find Flash content at http://www.shockwave.com.
>Pete Benedict
>peteatbennyd [dot] com


Bryan Rieger
Producer/Developer - Necessary Madness

bryanatnmadness [dot] com

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