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Subject: FLASH: Javscript Question
From: Rick Koch
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 16:56:16 GMT

Hi All,

>From my flash piece, I'm calling up a new, smaller browser window
containing a text-only version of the page and I want the print dialog
box to pop up automatically so all the visitor has to do is click OK to
the print request.

No problems calling up the new window from Flash but in the html of the
new window I'm using the following:

function printIt() {


<body onLoad="printIt()" link="#006600" vlink="#006633" alink="#009933"
<div align="center">

I thought this worked for me before cross platform (at least in versions
4 of Netscape, IE and AOL) but today, mysteriously, it only works in

In both IE 4.0 and AOL 4.0, the new window open ok but then a script
error window pops up saying... object doesn't support this property or
so the print dialog fails to pop up.

Any ideas on a reliable script for all of these browsers to "force" the
print dialog box to open on load?

Thanks so much,

Rick K.

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