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Subject: Re: FLASH: Shockwave VS Flash??
From: RedStar
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 23:45:01 GMT

Alejandro's question has the merit of showing how Macromedia still
hasn't managed to educate us shockwave producers ;).
I think Michael's reply is the one that got closer to the mark.
Some time ago back in June of 95 I think Macromedia and Netscape
announced they would combine technologies so as to bring 'True
Multimedia to the Internet'. From this date onward 'shockwave' started
slowly entering into circulation.
By 1996 terms like 'shockwave for director' 'shockwave for freehand' and
'shockwave for authorware' were being used quite freely.
By Jan 1997 when Macromedia announces Flash it comes a no surprise that
it's heralded as the newest addition to the Shockwave family.
By the way Macromedia didn't buy FutureSplash. Macromedia bought
FutureWare Software the company that developed FutureSplash Animator.
At the time Bud Colligan, Macromedia chairman, said "Macromedia Flash
addresses the growing needs of web page designers who want to easily
create Shockwave animations and graphics that are small, fast and fun."

OK I'll end the history lesson for now.


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  FLASH: Shockwave VS Flash??, Alejandro Sanchez

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