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Subject: FLASH: Rotating button question
From: Vlad Cohen
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 12:03:22 GMT


I hope someone can help me with what may seem a silly question...

I have a button that is giving me grief. Basically there is a
rotating cabbage on the screen, which is a button to a different
scene. When the user moves the mouse over this cabbage, it should
continue to rotate and also glow. The problem I'm having is that I
have made two simple movie clips for the rotating cabbage (one
glowing and one not glowing) which are simply motion tweens with a
"rotate clockwise 1 time" setting. In the Up state of the button
I've placed the un-glowing cabbage and in the over state I've placed
the glowing one. It all works and it glows on rollover, but the
rotation is not synchronised -- on rollover, the cabbage pops back to
its starting position and rotates from that point.

Is there any way to make up and over movie clips in a button move in
sync, even though only one is visible at any point?

sorry if this is a dumb question - i'm a bit of a newbie...


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