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Subject: FLASH: Streaming Audio
From: patrickf
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 15:45:33 GMT

Hello all!

I am new to both Flash and this list... so please forgive me if I ask a question that's been
asked and answered a thousand time already (I can find no archives, so I can't research the
question). Anyway, enough prattling on... here it is:

I'm trying to set up a site that allows a user to listen to audio samples. Since audio quality is
the first issue, and access speed the second, I've decided to stream the audio. I'm using
nested movie clips to hold the audio samples and calling them using variables. Unfortunately,
it seems to be downloading the entire clip to the user's machine... not downloading a little bit
and then streaming the rest. Yes, I've set the sync to "Stream". No, I don't actually have an
animation that the sound is stanched to. Is it necessary? Could someone outline the steps so
that I could see what (not if) I'm screwing up?!

I have to deliver this project to the client on Wednesday. I'm beginning to get VERY
nervous. Some, any, ALL help is welcomed.


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