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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT : Audio and copyright issues
From: Clodagh O'Donovan
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 15:52:26 GMT

Hi Shaun!

I'd suggest using Logic Audio Platinum (made by eMagic) or Cubase for midi
sequencing and audio editing. They're both very powerful, really easy to use
and have become a standard for people like yourself: ie don't have loads of
money to spend!


intertwine wrote:

> Hi Matt
> OT here but you did mention that you could name a few audio programs.
> Unfortunately the budget would be handy at starting at zero. I am planning
> to rattle up my sounds using a midi keyboard(still deciding what keyboard to
> purchase) and messing around with the midis in the said mentioned audio
> programs.
> Does this sound feasible? What do all the rest of you do for creating your
> own sounds? We are talking small scale here. I don't think the MD is going
> to finance a flat out recording studio!!!
> Thank you
> Shaun Brazier


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