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Subject: Re: FLASH: dangerman mask effect
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 17:36:47 GMT

At 09:05 AM 1/31/00 , you wrote:
>--- "Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media"
><mailatdartfrogmedia [dot] com> wrote:
> > At 08:23 PM 1/30/00 , you wrote:
> > >Its a mask effect but instead of not being able
> > >to see anything until the mask passes over it you
> > can see the mask shape in
> > >lets say green, and its passing over a man walking
> > who is entirely yellow.
> > >When the green mask circle passes over the man
> > whats under the mask changes
> > >to purple or something. I'm sure it has to be a
> > mask thing because it would
> > >be too hard another way.
> >
> > One way is to have a green background that is
> > masked. Also masked is a
> > layer in which the man is purple, and other elements
> > are whatever color
> > effect you want to apply. These layers go above the
> > normal layers. On top
> > of them of course is the mask that moves around,
> > revealing them.

Okay, here are your layers from bottom up:

1. (Lowest): The normal background. Let's say it has brown earth and a blue
2. A pink man and some green trees, all of them symbols.
3. Solid green layer.
4. An exact copy of layer 2, but use color effect to change the man to
purple and the trees to orange.
5. A mask layer in which the mask moves around.

Now set the layer properties of 3 and 4 to "masked." Wherever the mask is,
layers 3 and 4 will show through. Since layer 4's objects are directly
above layer 2's objects, when layer 4's objects are revealed by the mask,
you won't see the layer 2 objects under the mask. So it will look as if the
layer 2 objects are changing color, just under the area of the mask.

Remember, a mask in Flash reveals what is underneath it in the masked layer(s).

Marc Hoffman

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  Re: FLASH: dangerman mask effect, Daniel Guerrier

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