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Subject: RE: FLASH: What about *this* Flash book? (Mohler)
From: paul wehner
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 21:48:09 GMT

Thank you for speaking for designers everywhere. However as a designer I want
geek speak and am still waiting for an effective book on actionscript.

Every book published to date w/ the exception of Flash 4 Magic and Crocteau's
merely offer a interface walkthrough and a few tired examples circa flash 3

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Subject: Re: FLASH: What about *this* Flash book? (Mohler)

"Michael at WebFlyer.com" wrote:

Don't know if I agree regarding Mohler's book. I found it to be a disappointment and
very,very shallow in the ActionScript area.


> "Flash 4 Magic" is another very good book as well, but it's more of a
> cookbook sort of approach which is good for some people but I feel it's not
> good for many of us, myself included. It gives great "canned" solutions but
> doesn't do as good of a job explaining the "why" which I feel is much more
> important than the "how". You can give almost anyone a solution, in any
> language i.e. PERL, JAVA, etc, but that doesn't always go very far towards
> makeing someone an effective programmer... unfortunately.

As I said to Branden last week, I have yet to have a designer come into my class and
ask : "Show me the hairy code,man."

They need the canned solutions. What they also need, and it was something I was
advocating, was the "why" but not in geek speak. The other aspect of the argument
that was completely overlooked was that when it comes to "hairy code" a designer
will call 1-800-GET-GEEK.

Designers need the 'canned" stuff that shows and explains the rudimentary things
that are done on a day-to-day basis. This stuff does not exist and it is a
continuing source of frustration.

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