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Subject: RE: FLASH: Newer Netscape plugin breaking ASP access?
From: DeJarnett, Gary
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:34:39 GMT

Thanks, I'll give a little more information. I'm running a pc under Windows
98. The asp is on our server in the same subdirectory as the Flash movie
and the HTML file pointing to it (all same directory, same (NT) server).
Since this is our development server just a couple of offices down, there is
virtually no external security to interfere, but I understand what you mean
about the security problem with an asp on a different domain.

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Subject: Re: FLASH: Newer Netscape plugin breaking ASP access?

"DeJarnett, Gary" wrote:

This could be one of two problems. If you're using version r25(PC) or
r21(Mac) of the plugin then it's one problem, but as you say you
downloaded it today this should not be the case and as Macromedia has
pulled out (?!?) technote 14234 I won't comment on this problem.
The second alternative is if your asp is on a different domain than the
one your swf file is. There was a security problem with the flash plugin
that Macromedia addressed that allowed this to happen. I won't comment
much further on this also because the corresponding technote also
appears to have vanished.(?!?)

I'll take the opportunity to suggest that Macromedia put up a technote
with a history of changes (a simple changelog would be nice) in each
version of the flash player.
It would help those of us that are helping others (clients, list etc.)


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