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Subject: Suggestion for Flash 4
From: Craig Ferrante
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 22:25:19 +0100

I think MM should figure out a way to put an option to compile the plug
in for flash
with the exported swf movie file right from flash so If the user does
not have it will install
in the background ,the minimum plug in file size maybe optimize it a
little more I think
its only 177k now if it was maybe a little smaller this would be easy
for implementation
when designing the page.Just think how fast flash would become more
place if every person that came to a flash page left with flash
installed .Most people
that are just getting started with computers and thats alot,don't
understand the lingo
like-flash-shockwave-plug-in.Most people become nervous or hesitant when
they have to
make a decision that they don't understand even if it sounds so simple.

example-would you like to go to macromedia's website and download the
flash plugin?

This looks simple enough but trust me to the new user it is a totally
alien language
and they will probably sit very still for a minute and then hit the
power button or
something to that effect.

I'm not saying the general public is stupid by any means just
intimidated by all this
new technology always changing if it is not as automatic as possible
most people will be
lost and or ignore it. I Dont think just a good detection script is
enough and takes up your time and is just more work to implement during
the design process and still creates a decision for the end user.
Just my two cents-

Craig Ferrante

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