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Subject: Re: Macromedia Flash team wants your input
From: David Gary
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 05:25:10 +0100

Eric J. Wittman wrote:

> Dear Flash enthusiast,
> Macromedia is committed to providing you with cutting edge development tools
> to address your design needs.

Jesus, what a load. After sifting through the fill in the dots(pre-opinion) form
fill there was absolutelyNO text fill to give personal opinions/wish

Common guys. You need to support direct opinions.
Simply filling in a pre-opinion form is a waste of time. It seemed to me that it
was only for
MM's benefit to get status information on how and how much their products being
used more than it
benefits the developer's needs.

Lemme guess your marketing director is also you PR manager, must have been the
same guy that stated
Siggraph was "just another general computer show", Jez.

> When you complete and submit this survey, you will automatically be entered
> in a drawing for the following prizes:
> 1) Fuji Digital Camera ($250 value)
> 2) Macromedia Fireworks ($299 value)
> 3) Macromedia FreeHand ($399 value)
> 4) Macromedia Dreamweaver ($299 value)

Who cares. Rather you spent more time concentrating on effectively communicating
with the people who
support your income.

Whos runnin the show. Might need to throw an add in the classifieds.

Flash is an awesome and very innovative tool, to bad your PR is hurting the hard


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  Re: Macromedia Flash team wants your inp, David Mendels

  Macromedia Flash team wants your input, Eric J. Wittman

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