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Subject: Re: Macromedia Flash team wants your input
From: David Mendels
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 15:34:22 +0100


>Common guys. You need to support direct opinions.

We do. The Flash team actively moniters this list and the Flash newsgroup.
We get hundreds of wish-list items to wish-flashatmacromedia [dot] com and these
are read by the entire team. The Product Management team and the
Engineering team conduct regular customer visits to see how the product is
being used in action. We have done focus groups with users in Europe,
North America and Japan. We do a wide range of research to understand how
best to develop the product. Survey's like the one you referenced are a
small part of the mix for us to understand how our products are being used
and perceived--please do not assume they are the whole story. They are also
a way we can get feedback from folks who are not using our products yet and
who don't participate in lists like this to better understand what problems
we need to address. We are very open to opinions and ideas from our
customers---please do send your feedback to the wishlist (and to this list).

Does this address your concern?


David Mendels
Vice President and co-General Manager,
Graphics Business, Internet and Multimedia Business, Macromedia


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