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Subject: Re: Macromedia Flash team wants your input
From: David Gary
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 16:31:21 +0100

David Mendels wrote:

> DG,
> >Common guys. You need to support direct opinions.
> We do. The Flash team actively moniters this list and the Flash
> newsgroup..<snipped>

> Does this address your concern?

Hiya David,

I think people get a different perception of how MM is collecting developer's
opinions, when its more of a
"hey we're lurking the list and listening" than a survey with more direct

It seems the questions on that survey where shallow and didnt give an option for
the developers to comment on what they're looking for in future versions of
Flash or what they're having trouble with now.
It seemed more like a "hey we want to know how many people are using our product
and how".

Maybe the: "Macromedia is committed to providing _you_ with cutting edge
development tools
to address _your_ design needs. To support this effort, we are conducting a
survey to get _your_ feedback about the next version of Flash.", threw me off
when I
filled out the:

"What version of Flash did you purchase?"
"What title best describes your job? "
"What is the main focus of your company? "
"What is your interaction with Macromedia's Flash product?"
"How many people at your work site have jobs directly related to creating web
pages?" "huh?
"The tool I primarily design my web pages in is: "
"How important is having animation on your web site?"

Now how this would "address _my_ design needs". is beyond me.
You guys have developed one hell of a product. I dont mind filling out a survey
on those type of questions David.
I just want MM to be direct in what they want from the developers.

Im sure most developers on this list would be more than helpful in filling out
that type of survey without some type
of toy in the cereal.

With all due respect.


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