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Subject: RE: If You Need Wav Files
From: Jonathan Hunt
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 18:14:30 +0100

Sounds like just what I need (the wav files), but whats the URL?


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From: David Gary [SMTP:dgarystudiosatnetwide [dot] net]
Sent: July 28, 1998 9:01 AM
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Subject: Re: If You Need Wav Files

Craig Ferrante wrote:

> Hi all,
> Alot of people have been asking for sound effects for flash so I have
> decided to put a
> small section on my site with sound files you are welcome to help
> yourself.

Thanks for the info Craig.

Also if your looking for a specific file you can goto a pop search
engine and type "whatever.wav"
and it will usually find an index with that sound. Suprisingly I just
found out alot of people didnt know


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  Re: If You Need Wav Files, David Gary

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