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Subject: Re: importing text at run-time?
From: John Dowdell
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 20:43:18 +0100

At 2:23 AM 7/29/98, andrew m.mckenzie wrote:
> is there any way at all to import text into a Flash
> movie imported into a Director6 movie?

Not through Lingo, no. A few options:

-- If you'll be creating movies in many languages, then it may be
practical to create Flash templates rather than Flash movies, and use the
Flash Generator to create SWFs in each of the desired languages.
(Note, however, that different languages take different amounts of
screen space to say the same thing... you may need to decrease the point
size of German text, for instance, to have it fill the same screen area.)

-- Director itself can be used to generate its own antialiased text.
Unlike Flash's Generator, a Director piece can pull information from
elsewhere on the web and assemble itself. The D6 runtime engines do not
antialias live text, but you can certainly make an authoring-time movie
which captures each of the translations from external text files, then
visually check text layout yourself before saving each of the varied files
to disk.


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