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Subject: Re: Suggestion for Flash 4
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 06:03:05 +0100

How about a graphic hierchy tree where you could drag the screen around to find
the selected(highlighted)
symbol to edit. Its a pain to look for a symbol for editing thats buried inside 2
other movies to edit it after going back to maintimeline to test scene. With a
visual tree you could see what symbols are attached to other movies or animated
graphics in
the scene and find the highlighted(selected) symbol for editing. Has anyone seen
Maya's interface? Similar to that.
THe library file tags are impractical when you have a few hundred symbols in it.
I add "MC" before every movie clip or "BN"
before every button name to line them up for finding them easier in the library
window for editing since flash mixes
movie clips or buttons in with graphics in alphabetical order. Its a mess when
dealing with alot of symbols. Doesnt have
to be though.<g>


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