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Subject: Re: OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Authoring)
From: Howard Wolosky
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 18:02:09 +0100

We commonly create our presentations with a combination of HTML, Flash, and
mpeg video. We have talked with the developers of OPERA browser and have
bought hundreds of licenses from them. They have personalized our copies to
suit our needs and have been VERY helpful. Opera is only 2 meg, and requires
no installation on the computer it is being played on. Therefore the
presentation is completely self contained on the CD.

Since you want the most affordable and least complex solution, I would
definately lead towards this one. You obviously know how to use flash, and I
assume that you can also work with HTML. Those two combined create a very
worthy presentation, and your clients would probably never realize it was

Opera supports Javascript and numerous plugins, but does not currently support
JAVA itself.

At 10:20 AM 7/30/98 -0400, you wrote:
> It turns out we already have Adaptec Easy CD Creator installed on one of our
> machines. That program seems to be more for actually recording stuff onto
> the CD. What I need is some software to create the multimedia presentation
> which will go onto the CD. Can Easy CD Creator do that? If so, how? If
> not, what is the most affordable program which can? The presentation would
> not need to be complex, in fact, the simpler, the better.
> Sean Robertson
> Webmaster, ZAP Incorporated (<http://www.zapinc.com/>http://www.zapinc.com/)
> <seanratzapinc [dot] com (mailto:seanratzapinc [dot] com)>seanratzapinc [dot] com
> Genius exists only when one is willing to let go of the comforts of the
> past and embrace the future with an open mind."

Howard Wolosky
MMT Solutions - Specializing in Online Shopping Solutions
973-808-8644 http://www.safecommerce.com

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  OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Authorin, Sean Robertson

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