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Subject: Re: OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Authoring)
From: Howard Wolosky
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 23:39:48 +0100

>that matter). We intend to mass produce the CD, so buying multiple licenses
>for a viewer doesn't seem like a practical option.
Well, you should contact them. Depending on what you mean by "mass
producing", you may get a prety good deal on licensing.

>I do like the idea of opera not needing to be installed, though.
>Does it have built in support for midi, wav, and avi files?

>If not, can plugins for these files be included on the CD, again with no
installation required?
Yes. GO to their site to see the list of compatible plugins (mainly
netscape) - here's a partial list:
Calendar Quick
Shockwave Flash
CPC View
Chemscape Chime
Adobe Acrobat
Lightning Strike
Cosmo VRML player
Animated Widgets
Smoothmove Panorama
RealPlayer 5.0

Howard Wolosky
MMT Solutions - Specializing in Online Shopping Solutions
973-808-8644 http://www.safecommerce.com

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  Re: OT: Easy CD Creator (was: CDROM Auth, Sean Robertson

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