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Subject: Re: OT: CDROM Authoring
From: Marc Hoffman
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 20:27:18 +0100

At 01:17 PM 7/31/98 -0400, you wrote:
>OK, here's one...if i might broaden things:
>How about the triple platform question (Mac, UNIX, PC)?
>I assume Opera flies here (it has all three?)?
>How about others?
>> > Sean Robertson

Well, Director has the major disadvantage that it will create a projector
only for the platform (PC or Mac) that the software was purchased for. The
work-arounds are: 1) buy the Mac version as well as the PC version, and own
both machines as well (!) or 2)create your Director movie on a PC, make the
PC projector on your own machine, then find someone with Mac Director --
they can read your Director movie on their Mac and create the Mac projector
for you. The projector need only be a "stub;" that is, a tiny projector
that points to a larger Director movie that's stored on the CD-rom. As
with Flash, it usually makes sense to piggyback a number of movies rather
than have one huge movie. Theoretically, you could keep two stub movies on
hand -- one for Mac, one for PC. They would each point to a movie name
(for example, "movie1.dir") and you could use that name as the first movie
for every project you create. Come to think of it, anyone on this list
(with Director for Mac) want to do that? We could make the stubs available
for everyone.

These comments are based on my experience with Director 6.


Marc Hoffman
Poison Dart Frog Music
Digital Audio Production Services
& Interactive Multimedia Design


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