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Subject: Re: FLASH: Photoshop Images ... FONTS too!
From: John Brzys
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 19:04:24 +0100

> Now.. a question about fonts...
> I read somewhere that if you use a font in flash that is not recognized by
> another computer, flash will use a default font that is installed on that
> computer. Is this true? I want to use a funky font that I know not many
> people will have...
> To test this I created an animation on my home computer and tried running
> on my work computer that does not have the font. Everything seemed to work
> fine. Has anyone run into a problem where the font does not show up
> correctly?
The "funky" font WILL NOT show up in the FLA file if it is not installed.
The "funky" font WILL show up in the exported movie SWF file.

The bottom line is, your authoring machine needs the fonts
unless you break apart the text and then it becomes an art element.
much like Create Outlines does in Illustrator.


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