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Subject: Re: FLASH: MM, why the hassle?!
From: David Mendels
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 07:29:37 +0100

Hi DG,

At 05:55 PM 7/29/99 -0700, David Gary Studios wrote:

>Thanks, as always, for addressing some of these issues. You are actually one
>of the only MM reps that addresses anything on this list, besides the
>sometimes more selective Dave Mendels(sp?)

The spelling is right. I am more selective because unlike John I am not a
support professional and not one of our technical experts. But I like
keeping close to the pulse of the Flash community and I try to participate
and offer assistance when I can. I think I have seen occasional posts here
as well from Eric, Pete, Jon all on the Flash team. This is a great group.
Many of us read the list and keep a close eye on what the issues are being
discussed. Compared to other lists I have been on, it actually has a very
high signal to noise ratio. I think one reason not a lot of Macromedians
jump in (we are pretty busy as well) is that there are so many excellent
developers on the list who are so fast to offer support. Of course, we
have a lot more direct Macromedia support engineer participation in our
"official" tech support forum

anyway: to reach customer service, //customerserviceatmacromedia [dot] com (mailto://customerserviceatmacromedia [dot] com)
I think is the right address. To reach any of the development teams, try:

//wish-flashatmacromedia [dot] com (mailto://wish-flashatmacromedia [dot] com),
//wish-dreamweaveratmacromedia [dot] com (mailto://wish-dreamweaveratmacromedia [dot] com),
//wish-generatoratmacromedia [dot] com (mailto://wish-generatoratmacromedia [dot] com) (and similar addresses for each
team.) These are read by numerous people on each product team
(development, QA, and Product Management). It is one-way communication and
intended for sending requests for the team, not a dialogue (unfortunately,
the cost of one to one email is too high in time for us to open up email
addresses for discussion--lists like this are better for that.)

><snip> I'm the last person to start bashing people's work.

We have an awesome design team in house, and I happen to disagree with your
assesment of the site. But please keep in mind that the developers are
just developers like anyone else on this list, not an impersonal corporate
entity, and don't really deserve unsolicited bashing of their work.
Anyway, I am sure you meant no offense, but I think it is generally not
considered great netiquette to criticize a fellow list members' work
without a site critique request from that developer.

David Mendels
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Web Publishing, Macromedia

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