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Subject: Re: FLASH: break me off a 'lil sumthin
From: alex
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 15:00:59 +0100

it looks fine, i am not floored, but what is it about?
i understand that it is for an interactive agency, but spheres and spotlights?
You do it well, but i have seen those elements used a hundred times before.
You talk about it being in a conceptual stage, well, let me ask you a question,
what is the concept? i see none, it doesn't speak of a company, or anythng for
that matter. I would step back and ask youself how any of the information that
you are trying to get across relates to what you are putting up there visually.

I hope i don't sound like an ass, i am just trying to get you to think about
some of these issues.

> hehe, got a little flash 4 intro i'd love some feedback on. this is in
> conceptual stages, and i'm trying to tie some thing together...but perhaps
> some of you can have a look and tell me what your first impression is, if
> it's a wow, or a ehhh "nothin special". the animation ends in a mock menu
> system, still unfinished, and sounds aren't all there, but have alook if
> you're bored, or stoned or whatever. -t
> http://www.designabyte.com/braintank/flash/

alexander eben meyer.
[ iguana studios inc ]---[ http://www.iguanastudios.com ]---[
http://www.eben.com ]


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  Re: FLASH: break me off a 'lil sumthin, Keenwitted

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