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Subject: RE: FLASH: Control Group Site
From: Vega, Eric
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 17:55:47 +0100

My group here at work just picked up a Sony Digital Video Camera. Should
make importing a cinch. When I get time I'll mess around with it and let
everyone know what I find out!

Eric Vega

-----Original Message-----

ok, i can't speak for the designer, but it looks like he took frame by frame
stills of a movie clip, tweaked them in some graphics program to make a
unified background, then brought them into either freehand or flash and did
the equivalent of a "trace bitmap". the effect is super cool and really
wouldn't be too hard. after all some of these clips can't be more than 30 or
so frames. an awesome effect...a creative effect. the tough part is getting
cool video, bringing it into the computer in an editable form, and having
the wherewithal to make it cool looking. i bet he's got a mac :) -t

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