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Subject: Re: FLASH: Control Group Site
From: Robert Koberg
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 19:56:59 +0100

Once you have your footage digital (which is way to OT even for this list -
it is an art and should not be discussed here).

On the Mac, in Media Cleaner Pro, create the two colors (1 bit) palette with
the colors you want. Apply this palette to your movie.
On the PC, you might want to use Debabelizer to again create your two color
palette and apply it.

Then render the movie to a (tiff, bmp, ??)bitmap sequence and bring that
into flash for AutoTracing.

That should get you started.

> yes, please do!
> At 12:45 PM 7/30/99 -0400, Vega, Eric wrote:
> >My group here at work just picked up a Sony Digital Video Camera. Should
> >make importing a cinch. When I get time I'll mess around with it and let
> >everyone know what I find out!
> >

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