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Subject: Re: FLASH: Explorer 4.5 mac
From: John Brzys
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 22:08:00 +0100

> brzys wrote:
> > Resize the movie using the object parameters in HTML, go to 95%, and
> > sure your MIME is set! Your site was bogging at 18%, I think it actually
> > stalled, at that point we left!
> The MIME is set. What browser are you using? PC or MAC? Connection
> speed? I'd be curious to know these things. Also, I did mention that it
> is a large site (all the clients fault ;)), but I am suprised to here it
> boB :]

Now that i think about this, I wonder if indeed the mac killer part of this
had something to do with my connection going down while downloading the 699k
on two machines at the same time. One Mac and One PC.

Cable modem connection into a 350mhz PC 128 ram running w98 and IE5.0. and
Sygate server.

this machine serves DHCP through another nic card to a hub where the Mac (G3
266 8.1 128 ram NN 4.6) gets connected.

both machines can view the internet independently. Network went down at 20%
download (not stalled)

just a thought. maybe your movie had something to do with it, maybe not.


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