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Subject: RE: FLASH: David Gary, others, and the issues of time
From: Frederico
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 23:10:17 +0100

On 7/30/1999 3:27 PM, Joe Shoults via joesatcopfer [dot] com, said:

>maybe the problem is in the chinwag server. I have never changed my clock,
>but my posts sometimes don't show up until hours after I post, sometimes
>right away.

It's not the time they show up, I am painfully aware of some posts being
distributed in mere minutes, others many hours or more (as much as six
days I've seen), it is the actual time-stamp placed on messages by the
sending client I am referring to. Chinwag shouldn't be touching them at
all. If you need an example, go look at the bottom of your folder, and
you'll find a few from 1995 and 1998 sent in the past few days. Chinwag
has some delays, yes, but not *that* bad!

today, DG sent a piece of mail at least two hours ahead of his own time
zone, and it just now faded down a couple of notches, until then, living
at the top of a date-sorted folder until "time caught up with it".
Several people do this as well,and I've even received mail (not on this
list) from more than a year in the future. Pretty amazing.

It's just a bitch to present a functional, progressive, linear thread in
an archive when dates are screwed up.


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