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Subject: Re: FLASH: David Gary, others, and the issues of time <OT>
From: Markus Gut
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 23:17:55 +0100

My mail server doen't even accept mails with a fake date/time.
There are several problems with the list server (echoes, unwanted
digests, postings sent in wrong order), but Sam is going to fix

What makes you think that people have set up wrong time? Here is
the timestamp of DG's last posting:
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 17:55:30 -0700
Where are the "two or more years" difference? It think's it *is*
1999, isn't it?

BTW, would you mind to put <OT> to the subject line when a
posting is not related to Flash?

Markus Gut markusatrun [dot] ch
(R)un http://www.run.ch
The Web Standards Project

> maybe the problem is in the chinwag server. I have never
changed my clock,
> but my posts sometimes don't show up until hours after I post,
> right away.
> > Are some of you (DG) employing a strategy of setting your
clocks ahead so
> > that you receive better visual priority on lists like this?
If so, please
> > knock it off. It's rude, arrogant and unneccesary.
> >
> > Others are ludicrously behind, sometimes by two or more years
> > sending mail to the bottom of the sort- list, and, due to a
> > frustration-response on my part, straight to the trashbin
without being
> > read or archived.

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  RE: FLASH: David Gary, others, and the i, Joe Shoults

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