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Subject: Re: FLASH: import movie sequences
From: Mimieux10
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 02:43:24 +0100


brzysatmediaone [dot] net writes:

<< Open movie in GifBuilder, open PhotoShop, click on first frame copy and
paste into Photoshop, convert to grayscale, take the contrast all the way up
as far as it will go. Adjust the brightness so you can see details but it
eliminates unnecessary noises. >>

you can save yourself some work doing all of this within photoanimator or
adobe image ready.

<<Convert to bitmap. Export as bitmap, black &

do this step as an action in photoshop or imageready

<< Open Streamline, open exported bitmap, let streamline do it's
thing... you can adjust the settings to your specifications, more
details/less details, etc. Open Illustrator, open streamlined movie in
Illustrator, save as eps, save as ai., (one's a backup), import into Flash,
Wala! Now do that 59 more times and take frequent breaks! >>

i really like the auto-trace within flash for this...streamline take stuff a
little to seriously....this is how i do it anyway. i hope its helpful.....

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