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Subject: RE: FLASH: ADMIN: a suggestion
From: Brack, Jeremy
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 14:20:11 +0100

actually, your entire e-mail that you sent was under 1k... so your figures
are exaggerated by about 2000% or more.........

1 character, or alpha-numeric symbol is not 1K.
1 character = 8 bits...
1000 characters = 1,000 x 8 bits = 8,000 bits
8 bits = 1 byte
so 8,000 bits = 1,000 bytes = 1k (also known as 1Kb)

these e-mails have about 60 characters per line..
60 characters = 480 bits = 60 bytes
and each e-mail has roughly 30 lines of actual text...
60 bytes x 20 lines = 1,200 bytes
1,200 bytes = 1.2K = 1.2Kb
1.2Kb = 1 e-mail...
74 e-mails per day = 88.8Kb
most websites you visit contain upwards of 200Kb
Now lets assume you keep 1 month of e-mails...
thats 74 e-mails (88.8Kb) x 30 days = 2.664MB
2.664MB = less than 2 Floppy disks per month....

now back in the 1980's it was around $10 per floppy disk, and the disks were
5 1/4 inch (huge)..

but now, a 40 GIG hard drive is around $150
40 Gigabytes = 40,000MB = 15,000 months of e-mail = 450,000 days of
thats 1,250 years of e-mail...

I think that your point would have made a lot more sense back in the late
1980's when people were connecting to bulletin boards on 1,200 baud modems..
and hard drives were non-existant.. you booted from a floppy disk..the
entire operating system fit in 400kb.. and data storage prices were
extremely expensive..

I am not bashing you, I am just making it clear that text based e-mail is
extremely small in size and chopping off 3 lines on everyone's e-mail will
not save the world anything.

The only thing you get if you chop off the 3 lines at the bottom is a pretty
looking e-mail with no ads on it. Thats it.

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Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 5:35 PM
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Subject: RE: FLASH: ADMIN: a suggestion

Actually, I carefully trimmed mine to illustrate my point. The server
generously added another copy to further illustrate my point.

I appreciate the work admin does, and some form of compensation is in order.
Whether that needs to be of the form of adding a fairly large promotion to
each and every email is my question. As he mentions in a later email, each
character anyone sends adds 2K to his - and everyones - download. I count
around 700 bytes in the sponsorship message. I received 74 emails (and 74
sponsorship messages) over the last 24 hours. Lessee here - 74 emails * 700
bytes * 2000 subscribers = 100+ megabytes.

Could there be a less wasteful and less intrusive way to do this?

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> From: owneratchinwag [dot] com [owneratchinwag [dot] com]On">mailto:owneratchinwag [dot] com]On Behalf Of JGL
> Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 12:25 PM
> To: flasheratchinwag [dot] com
> Subject: RE: FLASH: ADMIN: a suggestion
> The responsibility relies upon the email sender (it's in the
> FAQ). . . there
> is no such filter.
> I noticed that you didn't trim yours . . .
> -----Original Message-----
> Could Admin please install some kind of filter so that the 13 line
> promotional peice at the bottom of each email is filtered so that
> it appears
> only once in each post. People seem to be lazy and not edit the material
> out. Either that, or eliminate the damned this altogether. A promotional
> email once in a while should be sufficient, or even a short
> 2-line promo on
> each email with a link for those interested.
> Generously serving up 13 line self-promitions with every email is
> beginning
> to get on my nerves.

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  RE: FLASH: ADMIN: a suggestion, Damien Morton

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