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Subject: Re: FLASH: FF2000 for those who missed it
From: gabby
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 07:25:44 +0100

I can only add my voice to the chorus: FF2K was amazing. I've become so used
to boring, staid conferences - but this one is useful, entertaining and
energizing. Go go go - whereever the next one is, just go.

By far, I'd have to say that Wednesday was the standout day of the
conference - in terms of learning about the creative and philosophical
drivers behind some of the top Flash work out there.

Josh Ulm presented his upcoming Atlas Magazine project, Dreams, at the first
session of the day and it really set the tone. Joshua Davis was next and he
had the crowd in the palm of his hand - with good reason - this is a guy who
loves what he's doing with Flash and wants to share that feeling with other
people. His enthusiasm for the medium overflows - it's infectious. Ulm and
Davis talked about the creative process, for them, and stuff like where
ideas come from and how they affect you and how you can use them to affect
people via Flash. It was a vision for the web that, for me anyway, has long
been lacking.

Yugo Nakamura (sp?) wrapped up the day with a two-standing ovation
presentation. He is the first honest to god Flash philosopher and we're all
the better for it.

The whole conference vibe was really amazing - positive, exciting, all about
pushing the boundaries of the web and learning and sharing that learning.

It was announced that all sessions were taped - and info about purchasing
those tapes is going to be emailed to FF2KNYC attendees at some point in the

The only thing I could have done without was the obnoxious Link game and the
overly-caffeinated Link referees who accosted me every morning when I walked
in. Heh.


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