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Subject: FLASH: Flash and Databases
From: Matt Coyne
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 15:39:56 +0100


I need some help in determining the best direction to go with a forthcoming
site. The site's functionality will include a searchable database of between
2000 and 3000 individuals, various fields + image.

>From a design perspective Flash will give me the ability to create a dynamic
looking interface for the company. However, Flash and Databases are two
words I have not put together in one sentence before!

Can anyone give me guidance as to what direction to take, what resources are
out there etc. I have had a brief glance at Macromedia Generator and Swift
Generator. Are these the only methods of delivery? The database exists as we
speak in FileMaker, would this make a difference? ASP, ColdFusion. These are
all terms I have heard but know virtually nothing about. Would people
suggest outsourcing, or can it be learnt off my own back [everything else
has been].

I am not averse to doing this 'outside' of Flash if the advice is that Flash
could not handle the amount of data and be reliable/fast in it's delivery.

I will stop babbling now. Any response would be appreciated even if it is to
point me in the right direction.



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