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Subject: FLASH: single second of silence
From: Elena Goss
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 04:57:02 +0100

I am creating a flash projector for a presentation and my sound loop syncs
differently on different computers. I read this tip on the mook.org web
site. I think I understand the concept, but can anyone expand on it:

> to force animation to play back at a consistent speed on all machines, you can
> add a silent streamed sound that loops for as long as the movie plays. when a
> movie has a streamed sound playing in it, the animation will drop frames to
> keep up, so things may look choppy, but you get the synch in return. use this
> if you need to match specific frames of animation to sound, or to prevent
> unwanted sudden drops in framerate for complex sequences.

Will using this "single second of silence" help keep my other sound loop in
sync to match specific frames? Do I use both the silence loop and my own

Elena Goss
Web Design & Consulting
elenaatcreativelements [dot] com
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