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Subject: FLASH: loop script
From: Brack, Jeremy
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 09:01:32 +0100

Here is what I have so far, and it doesnt see to be working yet:

Set Variable: x = "5"
Loop While (x>0)
Set Variable: "x" = "x-1"
Go to and Play (2)
End Loop
Go to and Stop (9)

on frame 20 I have a "goto 1 and Play"

I am starting to work with action scripts and I need to loop through a
couple of frames so that they play back 5 times, then proceed to the next
set of frames on the timeline..
I know that I need to declare a variable, and set it to 5, and subtract 1
from the variable every loop..
and set a "while" condition to check the value of the variable each loop.

I guess all I need is the Flash translation of a standard loop-while code.
So if anyone can just tell me the code, or give a link to an online
tutorial, it would be very helpful!



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  Re: FLASH: loop script, Stephen
  Re: FLASH: loop script, Stephen

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