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Subject: Re: FLASH: single second of silence
From: till
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 10:54:14 +0100


>I am creating a flash projector for a presentation and my sound loop syncs
>differently on different computers. I read this tip on the mook.org web
>site. I think I understand the concept, but can anyone expand on it:
> > to force animation to play back at a consistent speed on all machines,
> you can
> > add a silent streamed sound that loops for as long as the movie plays.
> when a
> > movie has a streamed sound playing in it, the animation will drop frames to
> > keep up, so things may look choppy, but you get the synch in return.
> use this
> > if you need to match specific frames of animation to sound, or to prevent
> > unwanted sudden drops in framerate for complex sequences.
>Will using this "single second of silence" help keep my other sound loop in
>sync to match specific frames? Do I use both the silence loop and my own

If you add a sound and set the type of the sound element to "stream", your
animation will be synched to the audio file. This means after 10s of audio
your movie (if set to 12 FPS) will be somewhere at frame 120, no matter how
fast the Computer is. If the computer is too slow to play the actual
animation, it will just play parts of it, leaving out frames that cant be
played fast enough to stay in sync. This can be annoying if you have fast,
smooth motion in your movie. These might look choppy on slower computers.
The good thing is that if the "target" cpu is fast enough to play the
animation (i.e. faster than yours) the movie will look absolutely the same
as on your machine.

If you have your movie synced to a background soundtrack (or a silent loop)
you can add additional sounds (as "event" or "start") which also will stay
in sync. But as i understand your problem, you did not try to set your
"own" loop to stream ? If it is a continous background loop you dont need
an additional "silence" loop. Just set your own loop to stream and it will
"pace" the movies animations.


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  FLASH: single second of silence, Elena Goss

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